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Dun Posted on Sep 28 2014, 05:28 PM
I'm not particularly fussed! I'm all for keeping the IC timeline roughly moving along with OOC time. That certainly makes life easier on me, whenever that's the case. The only tricky bit I've ever encountered with that is that there are times now and then when the threads aren't moving along quite as quickly as OOC time. At those usual RP community lull times, it can be tricky to keep the set timeline at the right pace.

I'm fine with managing my own pace, though, so however it works out-- I can adjust to suit the method. If it's a bit slow for me, I'll find more for myself to do (another character or something). If it's a bit fast for me, I'll scale back.

For whatever it's worth: I voted the first option.
Lina Posted on Sep 28 2014, 05:26 PM
Just to be completely clear here, no one's asking anyone to post less. I believe Jenn was asking that people pace themselves when posting far ahead in time. I belive this got lost in translation somehow.
Cobbie Posted on Sep 28 2014, 04:51 PM
I don't think Pence wasn't taking into consideration that everyone has separate lives, Lina. I think what he was saying was that He Isn't expecting others to keep up, he's watching who he tags, and from there if more than happy to put more descriptors in his posts to clue in players that hadn't been in other threads.

Speaking from my own personal experience... More than 1 or 2 characters gets hard for me to juggle when there isn't a large base of players to be able to keep them separate, so I'm also in the same boat.

The only sign I'm getting is that I post too much, as I believe Jack has been rather busy wink.gif and I apologize, I'll tone them down.

I do think that that putting a time (like twilight... dawn...) and maybe a day of the week in a post would clear up some confusion.

Lina Posted on Sep 28 2014, 12:39 PM
Actually the year is 1890, January-February. We've already had a our "Happy New Year" mark.
Clark Posted on Sep 28 2014, 12:26 PM
The only thing I'm thinking of here, is that we're currently in winter in the middle of fall in real time. So if we wanted to sync everything in this way, we'd be in winter, for another four months. A lot of us are able to keep up, again, it falls to the individual players, don't bite off more than they can chew.

Keeping OOC and IC time can be difficult, as some people can post multiple threads and get a decent story arc going that spans a small time frame. A 1:1 ratio on time will not work, in that sense. Like I said, perhaps, just make it a month at a time.. When to change one month into the next could be anywhere between every two months, or four, which would allow for some synchronization. I just think some people may be getting tired of winter, lol. A year time jump wouldn't work, as we have a set of characters getting married, and having a child... I say wait a while before we actually settle on anything like that and just keep posting the way we are, add a date/time to the tags/posts, whatever, to at least keep the confusion down.

The year is 1889, let's say, December already? So keep it within the December month for now? I know a few players are thinking up new characters, but right now they have the one and enjoy playing with just the one, for now. Not to say they won't make more eventually, but that shouldn't be an answer to help them slow things down, if they're happy with their own, current pace.
Lina Posted on Sep 28 2014, 11:31 AM
I don't really expect anyone to do a day-by-day pair-up of IC and OOC time. Syncing up IC and OOC usually means that you know that the date today is 28th of September, so if you don't know when to put your thread at, that's where you put it, but if you know your character's already had a thread then, by all means, start a thread the next day, a week after etc. As long as it's that month, that's fine.

Back-tracking and adding memories or playing out past events is also great. Heck, I personally love that kind of thing.

The only thing I'd like us to steer clear of is going too far into the future, so going over a week or two ahead, at most, is not a good idea. If a board event happens and you're a week after it, and your character would've otherwise been affected, you're not going to be happy.

I understand that you, Pence, only have one character, but others have more than one and have different responsibilities and time commitments. You can't expect everyone to keep up. It's actually really great you get so excited and post a lot. Why not get a few other characters and then you'll find that you can go at a slower pace so no one has trouble keeping up? Otherwise, bear in mind that you might not get as much activity from every other player as you'd like. If you're happy with that and already have a few players that will keep up with you and don't particularly need anyone else, then that's also fine.

I'm still in great favour of syncing with OOC time, just because I like the idea of doing themed events. Halloween, Christmas, etc. Plus, it keeps things simple. You don't have to try to figure out what date it is.

I've no problem with people marking threads with a date, time and place. I wouldn't say I'd make it mandatory for anyone, but I would ask anyone posting past threads (say, five years ago), to mark that thread appropriately (which I think anyone would do anyway) just so no one else is confused (why is Tom Sparrow suddenly five years younger? etc.)
Clark Posted on Sep 28 2014, 11:08 AM
While I agree that we may have so many threads going that it can be a bit overwhelming for the people in the threads, it should be up to the players to decide how many threads they feel they can handle. I agree with Pence in that, perhaps adding a date or at least some sort of arbitrary time table to the threads. Perhaps a format we could all use, Pence, Kaolin, Cobbie, and I are familiar with the standard:

Who: (listing which characters you have in said thread... since we have sub-accounts for each character this part could be omitted)
Where: (ex. if in Kesky perhaps just put Marketplace here)
When: (what this thread is all about, could be anything from May 25, 1889; 9PM, to After the events in <insert thread name here, with link>

The Where, When could be placed at the top of the first person's post, setting the scene, more or less, so you can tell when and where they are at a glance. If they move locations in thread, could even add that to the top of the post that moves them there.

However, if we, perhaps, maintained which portion of time we'd be in, so... say, we're in this chunk, if you want to do something in the past, that's what the past board is for, and don't get too far ahead of a certain time. Give people a month to work with at a time, maybe? Every so often, change the month again? Just a few ideas and some thoughts.
Pence Posted on Sep 28 2014, 11:00 AM
But thats the only 1 I have. do if I have to wait a week to post on a thread thats important... then yeah I do have to wait a week to do anything. Just an example. but i do understand the mixup... hence a little more info is helpful
Jenn Posted on Sep 28 2014, 10:54 AM
I'm not saying to wait a week to post with that one specific character of yours. That would be kinda silly wink.gif
Pence Posted on Sep 28 2014, 10:44 AM
If you limit it to waiting a week to start another thread then you really tie up the characters... look at it this way, for example I just have Fionn. if i have to wait a week to do something with him.... assuming he's not in a dozen different threads because I am waiting on the outcome of one... then I just don't have anything to do for a week... which kinda sucks. wink.gif and gives me little reason to check the board in 7 days... so i miss other things. maybe instead of limiting the threads one can be in... make the topic more descriptive? add a date or a before or after some event note?