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 Points System Update
 Posted: Apr 15 2012, 03:53 PM


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After a very careful discussion between the site staff and taking into consideration the feedback we've been given, we've updated the points system, hopefully making it more fun to all the members. Check them out in the usual thread.

We've added points for finishing threads and for replying to open threads as well as put some of the others on steroids, so to speak. There will no longer be any points given for each 100 posts, but read below to see what we've replaced it with!

We've reconsidered giving points for activity. From now on, all characters who post at least once in the previous month will receive 5 points by default. On top of that, each character who posts more than 50 posts that month will receive 5 more points. So, for example, a character who's posted 13 times in the month of June will earn their player 5 points at the end of the month; a character who's posted 62 times in the month of June will earn its player 10 points at the end of the month.

Lastly, we've added two more things you can buy with points.
  1. Since repeating powers is not allowed, you can now buy them! They're expensive, so start collecting!
  2. And, since it was suggested, you can now buy your own special subforum inside one of New Venice's areas.
So, without much ado... have fun!

Ash, Dun and Lina.
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