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 Monthly Character Creation Themes!
 Posted: Apr 26 2012, 09:17 AM


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Hello, folks!

With the start of May, we've decided to include a new and fun way to make Birthright points: Character Creation Themes. These are themes that change on a monthly basis, and if you happen to create a character that corresponds to the theme, you will be able to claim 10 Birthright points for that character when s/he's accepted.

Each monthly theme will be announced in the previous month's newsletter, posted at the very beginning of the current month. So, for example, May's theme will be posted in the April Newsletter, so be sure to check it out!

On a tiny semi-related note: starting with May, the newsletter will be posted in a different (and awesome) format! Woo!

Keep classy,
Ash, Dun and Lina.

P.S. Wanna suggest a monthly theme? You can! Either poke one of us or post in the feedback forum. (:
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