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 April Newsletter
 Posted: May 1 2012, 02:42 AM


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The Month of AprilBirthright's NewsletterHello, and welcome to April's Newsletter!We've had an exciting month here at Birthright, what with April Fool's bringing about some wacky happenings, plus the addition of five new players to the site, Bobbomb, Red, Nick, Lobo, and Chris! Welcome to Birthright, guys! In this month's newsletter, we're going to take a glance through some of our stats, some of the plots from the last month, and some upcoming plots for May. Excited, yet?Site DevelopmentsApril Fool's CelebrationThe site was turned upside-down (quite literally) for April Fool's Day! Images were twisted, turned, flipped and hidden, Charlie the Unicorn warned all about the dangerous road to Candy Mountain and a slippery slew of shenanigans saturated the silly cbox! Sensational! The staff hope y'all enjoyed the fun and had a lovely time.Survey ResultsLast month, Birthright released a survey asking for your feedback. Two thirds of you guys are amazingly awesome and we thank you very much. Check out the results! The discussion for improvement on the site's features is still going, so jump in with a suggestion and you can help make the site a better place. Ash Promoted to StaffSince Lina will be gasping for dear breath in the couple of months to come and Ash has been awesome at contributing to the site and its plots, she's been promoted to staff! Expect ashtonishing changes (like the new and improved format of this newsletter, for example).MiscellaniaRequest-a-Doc: Now you can publicly request a documentation by going to the thread listed.Points Awards Re-evaluated: That's right! We re-evaluated how many points are given for each achievement and added a few more achievements and things to buy. Read all about it in the points thread.Open Thread Listing: You can now put up your open threads for other members to see! Just reply to the Open Thread Listing and it'll get added to the list!IC Events Timeline: You can now keep track of in-character events. Check out the dedicated thread and be sure to add to it!The Past Forum: For those of you who want to flesh out a few events in your characters' pasts, you now have a retroactive forum to go to!Monthly Character Theme: You can now gain points for making a character that fits the current month's theme!Looking BackLet's take a glance back at all the fun plots April brought us:Snow AngelsThe city was rocked by the mysterious murder of a Wonder. The poor boy was tortured and torn apart and left in the City Centre for all to see. It leaves many Wonders thinking: "Are we safe?"Taboo SubjectsShortly after the murder of Wonder Jimmy Walters, Mayor of New Venice Antonio Leto hosted a press conference, where everyone expected him to talk about the city's plan of action concerning the hate crime. However, when it was brought up, he sidestepped the question and the reporter later got fired. What is going on in the Town Hall? How far does this corruption go? Will the Mayor's personal hatred of Wonders continue to stand in the way of justice?John Harker Disappears?After his faux pas at the press conference, the fired reporter John Harker spent some time trying to find another job in writing before mysteriously disappearing. Did he flee the city in shame, or is he working on a project that will rock the city at its core? Only time will tell.The Beast of Kesky Strikes -- Again!It seems like everywhere one turns, the terrifying Beast of Kesky is waiting to pounce on innocent victims. This time, the victim was newsie Erik Corrigan, although retired Protector Dolan Jones was able to put a stop to the Beast before it finished its gruesome work. Will Erik survive the devastating attack?Looking ForwardMay is going to see a lot of fun happenings!Here are a few highlights that you can look forward to:May's Character ThemeThe character theme for May is Wonder Haters! Make a character who hates Wonders and gain 10 Birthright points!Snow Angels Backlash?It's safe to say that people are a little shaken up by the murder... but are there citizens of New Venice who are looking for revenge?Unlawful Censorship of PublicationsThey say free speech is a right granted to every citizen and every publication. Why, then, are reporters getting the axe for speaking up about the issues? Is anything going to be done about this censorship of city newspapers and magazines? There is some talk of an underground publication surfacing that will speak more frankly about the issues... but will the people listen?The Beast Is Out!At least one person has seen the infamous Beast of Kesky's human face. What will this mean for the city of New Venice, or for the beast herself?Statistics22 players55 characters Male32Human31 Female23Wonder24 ChildrenTeenagers20s30s40s+ 31521610
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