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 May Newsletter
 Posted: Jun 2 2012, 07:19 PM


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The Month of MayBirthright's NewsletterHello, and welcome to May's Newsletter!We've had an exciting month here at Birthright, what with April Fool's bringing about some wacky happenings, plus the addition of four new players to the site, NDynamo, Astarte, JustKate, and Boo! Welcome to Birthright, guys! In this month's newsletter, we're going to take a glance through some of our stats, some of the fun plots from this month, and some upcoming plots for June.Site DevelopmentsWonder-Hater's BallQuite a few of our members took the plunge with May's character theme and made some Wonder-haters for Birthright. Thanks for taking part in the fun, guys. We hope next month's theme will be as big of a hit as this one's was!New IC ForumsWe've added some new IC forums for everyone to have fun with: Correspondence for people to send notes and telegrams to each other, and Journals, Diaries, and Other Extras for all those other little fun things that people like to get up to in their own time. We've already seen some people enjoying these two new forums and we're glad it's seeing so much use right out of the gate.MilestonesBirthright just sailed on past the six-month mark this month, and with it we've seen some other milestones, including our 1,000th thread and our 10,000th post. All we can say to that is: Wow. A big thanks to everyone for making Birthright what it is! We couldn't have done it without you.Summer-Time!Summer is here, and with it we say a relieved, tear-filled goodbye to exams for all us students on Birthright. Keep on the look-out for some fun summer activities this month to celebrate our six-month mark and a happy departure (for many of us) from school-related responsibilities.Looking BackLet's take a glance back at all the fun plots May brought us:The New Year's SlaughterAs everyone from Kesky to the Upperclass Estates celebrated on New Year's Eve, a new rash of murders shook the city to its core. The four victim were human and, by all accounts, quite innocent of bigotry towards Wonders or anyone else. The messages scrawled around the bodies make it clear that it was a pre-meditated attack by pro-Wonder activists. The city is teeming with anger at the murders, and many anti-Wonder sentiments are beginning to make themselves known in the wake of the attacks.The Lady Is RisingThe messages found around the four bodies are cryptic and threatening, and make mention of a mysterious woman. There has been murmurs amongst some of the underground that a rabidly pro-Wonder figurehead is rising up, who takes on the name of "the Lady." Credited with the attacks, it is clear that she is not above bathing the city in blood in order to get what she wants. Many people are wondering, though, why those targets, instead of some more notorious Wonder-hating ones?An Unholy AllianceState Senator Arthur Chase, well-known advocate of Wonder control and registration policies, now has new financial backing from corporate juggernaut Alexander Cross. Although the business relationship is kept on the down-low, new ads are springing up everywhere promoting a proposed bill that will require Wonder registration and citizen control. The bill should be finished soon, and if it passes, it may change New Venice State Legislature significantly.Looking ForwardJune is going to be absolutely wild!Here are a few highlights that you can look forward to:June's Character ThemeThe character theme for June is Ronkers! Make a character who is part of the NVPD and gain 10 Birthright points!The Lady's PlanWith news of this "Lady" taking up such a significant portion of the newspapers, everyone's wondering who this mysterious pro-Wonder figurehead is and what she has planned for the city of New Venice. She is looking for people that share her thoughts to join her, it is said, and to help her cleanse the city and make a New Venice that is perfectly equal in every way.The Mayor's ResponseMayor Leto is due to speak to the press about the four murders on New Year's Eve. What will he have to say? The press conference is being held in the Town Hall, and it will be open-door to the public. The NVPD are expected to be out in full force to prevent a potential riot.Governmental Assistance?There has been some gossip that the military has been working on a new way to battle "terrorists," specifically super-powered Wonder terrorists. Is there any substance to the rumors? We have a feeling New Venice may soon find out.Summer Fun!Lina, Dun, and Ash are planning some fun summer activities for the whole board to partake in, for points and other fun prizes! Stay tuned, and we promise you'll never be more grateful to see the start of summer. If you would like to promote your own contest or game, please let us know and we'd be happy to help you execute it!Statistics20 players57 characters Male35Human34 Female22Wonder23 ChildrenTeenagers20s30s40s+ 31023912
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