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 All-Open Threads Time!
 Posted: Jul 31 2012, 06:59 PM


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Until further notice, all threads posted after this announcement are open. You can post in any thread (within reason), sans permission. Private threads are, for the time being, a no-go.

Before you panic-- let us tell you how this works!
  • Everyone will be expected to use their heads. If your character couldn't reasonably show up in a location, you shouldn't join a thread in that location.
  • If your characters are having an important conversation and don't want to be interrupted, it's okay for them to tell an incoming character to buzz off!
  • Threads out in public places are prime targets!
  • You can have characters make cameos! Toss a character in for one or two posts then bow out, if you'd like.
  • Your character can merely observe or overhear a situation. You don't have to post forcing your character to interact with those already present in a thread.
  • When a thread reaches a conclusion, it may be best to have all characters leave the scene or to put a little note at the end of the final post to tell other players that the thread is done and they shouldn't post there.
  • A thread may be open, but that doesn't mean a million players will hop in.
You can still plan thread premises with the characters you want to be involved in mind. You can essentially proceed as normal. The only necessary change to the way your threads are set up is that you allow other characters to be posted in all ongoing threads. You don't have to have your characters welcome them, but you can't forbid people from hopping in OOC.

By keeping threads open, you increase your opportunities and the opportunities of other players to form connections IC and experience writing with players that may not otherwise write with. You allow for more spontaneity, more mystery, and more excitement! We highly encourage you all to take advantage of this and get out there. Try new things. Get a little cray.

Other reasons why this may benefit Birthright:
  • While anyone who has gotten involved around here knows that we're a rather goofy and friendly bunch of plotting-fiends looking for a good time, but a mass of private/closed/otherwise not-open-tagged threads can be intimidating to some players.
  • Players who tend toward shyness can find the challenge of getting into a new game full of closed threads pretty daunting.
  • Players who are feeling a little stumped about what to do next are, in a culture of closed threads, forced to do some plotting and hard work to move forward. A culture of open threads makes it a lot easier to get involved and get new plots going (or current ones developed), whether you're a new player or an old one.
So, to summarize the functional bits:
  • We're going to be trying this open-threads-only system. If a thread is posted after this announcement and before an announcement ending this 'event' of sorts, it's open.
  • There isn't a set end date at this time.
  • For now, you won't be able to create 'private threads'. The only way for your characters to get some relatively reliable privacy will be for them to go to a private location.
  • There will be a post in reply to the Rules thread for the duration of this trial run to remind all current and incoming players that all threads are open.
  • We want your feedback! Give it a shot. If you're having a total blast, let us know! If you're a bit confused or concerned about something you encounter, let us know!
Good luck and happy threading, everyone!

Ash, Dun and Lina.
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