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 New Plots!
 Posted: Nov 2 2012, 05:19 PM


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Hey all you Birthrighters!

I know you've been waiting (and sorry about that, I couldn't get on the board for several days) but now it's here!

New Plots!

First off, we are going to timejump - what this means is that the entire board is going to jump ahead a year, to late winter of 1891. There will be a thread created to let everyone tell everyone else what's been going on with your chars over that year, and of course we can all use our plotting threads to coordinate with everyone!

Time Jump Thread Here!

Once everyone's chimed in, we'll start up phase two!


It's been hinted about, but now a few of the old Protectors have started to train the next generation. Who will train? Who will be a Jr. Protector?

Sign Up Here!

Of course, all current threads are still viable - keep playing and don't rush yourselves! But new threads should reflect the time change (unless it's something necessary, and then just mark the thread "old" or something - thanks!)

My chars! Erik Corrigan, 15, ex-newsie and Liza West, 16, tomboy seamstress. Want to plot?
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