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 Two New Plotty Forums
 Posted: Nov 26 2011, 01:58 PM


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Hey guys!

I noticed we were a bit short on plotting tools, so! We now have:

Thread Trackers
For all your tracking needs. Slap on a thread there to keep on top of what threads you have, what plots and other notes you want to make for yourself. You can still use your individual character threads, if you're more keen on doing that. It's just an optional thing that's there for the people who like using them.

Plot Ideas
Basically, what the description says. Have an idea and want to see what players want to get involved? Want to tell people about something you've set up in your threads? Looking for partners in awesome-minded shenanigans? This is the place for it! So, for example, if my character were to start a riot, I'll probably let other players know in advance and we can start conspiring against the machine there.

That's it for now from li'l ol' me!
Stay classy, folks,
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