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 November Newsletter
 Posted: Dec 7 2011, 01:49 PM


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November has passed, we've celebrated a month of being open, so this is a little piece of writing to keep all of you up to speed with what's been going on, what characters and plots there are and what the recent updates have been.

Site Census
We have 27 players, not counting player accounts which haven't created a character or posted on the board. 12 of these have over 10 posts and 6 have over 20 posts. Welcome to everybody who joined! You guys are awesome!

In terms of characters, we have 34 accepted character profiles. Out of these, there are:
    • 12 females, 22 males
    • 21 humans, 13 wonders
    • 14 teens, 11 in their 20s, 6 in their 30s, 2 in their 40s, 1 in his over 9000s
    • 7 upper class, 11 middle class, 16 lower class
Site Developments
  • Cbox Premium - For your entertainment, Lina coughed up some cash and bought a premium account for the cbox, so we can easily chit-chat without having to refresh the site constantly. Not that we don't do that anyway...
  • Got our own little favicon!
  • For those who get lost in documentations, there's a sitemap available to help you to find everything on Birthright.
  • There's been a bit of a change in forum structure. To help plotting a little bit, two new plotty forums (Thread Trackers and Plot Ideas) were introduced. Moreover, the Town Hall and City Centre forum gained a new subforum, for the Public Library and the rich folk were given their own forum on the main page to rumba!
  • Images will now be restricted to 500px in width in posts, due to issues they cause to site loading.
  • Hopefully, you'll be more up to speed with updates thanks to our Twitter feed box, on the main page.
  • Similarly, you'll catch posts faster by looking at the recent topics panel. It's work in progress and feedback about it is more than welcome!
  • Character Spotlight! Every week, from now on, a character will be put in the spotlight, encouraging all other players to start threads with the character. Don't worry, this character is elected at random, although Lina's going to make an effort to avoid picking the same character twice too often.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we now have Birthright points! Collect them, buy cool things with them and show how involved you are in Birthright in general!
Hot Plots
  • The Beast of Kesky haunts the streets of the borough to eat the flesh of unsuspecting New Venetians! Oh, my!!
  • Wonderbar! Wonders have a place to hide, how interesting...
  • There are the faintest of rumours about a vigilante patrolling the streets at night.
  • In the Upperclass world, Miss Cassandra Holmwood celebrates her coming into society with a bang! Everybody who is anybody was invited, of course. Weren't you?
  • There has been a series of odd disappearances of late; things just seem to disappear from locked rooms. Rich folk cry 'theft', but is there really any proof?
  • We have two snoopy journalists on the board, one ambitious detective and two killers-for-hire. Everybody should watch their characters, I think!
  • We also have quite a few inventors on the board. They should have some sort of consortium. To be discussed.
Thank you for a wonderful month, guys! Feel free to leave as extensive feedback to this as possible, or just reply saying hi. smile.gif It's always nice to hear from everybody on how they're doing, what they think about the plots and the site and if they have suggestions for improvement. As for me...

-a very happy and excited Lina, out!
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