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 December Newsletter
 Posted: Jan 3 2012, 09:17 PM


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Site Census
We now have 35 active players, with at least an active character or a few posts in their repertoire. 2 of these have over 50 posts on their player account, 11 have over 20 posts and 22 over 5 posts.

With respect to characters, we have 44 active and a few inactive. Out of these:
  • 25 males and 19 females
  • 21 humans and 23 wonders
  • 13 teens, 18 in their twenties, 8 in their thirties, 2 in their forties, 1 in their fifties and beyond
  • 8 upper class, 14 middle class, 22 lower class
Site DevelopmentsHot Plots
  • There's a vigilante protecting the streets of New Venice. Clad in his custom-made steam-suit, Daniel Graves is a detective with an interesting nightlife.
  • Wunderbar! Attention all Wonders! There's a place you can be safe. There's a place you can be happy and accepted for who you are. If you know a Wonder who knows a Wonder... find the Firefly.
  • BOOM?! There's been a bank robbery! Are Wonders involved? Are they taking hostages?
We're now over two months old and have had some lovely plots and some interesting characters created. December's been a bit slow, as expected, but we're totally looking forward to to more amazingness in the coming months. Once again, don't be shy to give feedback, say hi or chat to the admins. We're here to help. Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and good luck in the new year!

-Lina and Dun.
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