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 January Newsletter
 Posted: Feb 11 2012, 11:03 AM


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Here's the albeit late monthly update!

We have 21 active players!
As for characters, there are 37 active characters on Birthright, out of which:
  • 14 Female and 23 Male;
  • 19 Human and 18 Wonder;
  • 1 child, 14 teens, 15 twenties, 5 thirties, 2 forties;
  • 16 lowerclass, 15 middleclass, 6 upperclass.

Latest News
  • A bunch of spotlights, including Leila Hassani, Erik Corrigan, Severn and Francesca Bishop.
  • We've established a method of determining activity that doesn't require you to post in activity checks to keep everyone up-to-date and organized. There are Birthright Points involved!
  • We had our first activity check! Remember there's a new member group called 'Inactive Character'. You have to post at least once OOCly or ICly in a month to prevent your characters from being moved to that group. Don't worry if they do. We can always move them back. smile.gif Just come back and post and you're golden!
  • A few forum was created for Gavin's Fine Sweets. All characters are welcome to come and have some ice cream or candy or cake, as long as they have the dollars for it.

  • Wonders joining the Wonderbar plot! Connections are being established! Vigilantes are being created!
  • The Beast of Kesky strikes again! New Venice is in turmoil.
Our characters are becoming more varied and more interesting!
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