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 February Newsletter
 Posted: Mar 4 2012, 07:03 AM


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Here's February's newsletter!

Let's start with some stats! We have 16 active players and 34 active characters, and the general repartition goes like this:
  • 21 male and 10 female;
  • 16 humans and 15 wonders;
  • 1 children, 10 teenagers, 14 twenty-year-olds, 4 thirty-year-olds, 2 forty-year-olds;
  • 10 lower class, 16 middle class, 5 upper class.
Board Developments
  • New Profile link attached to every character post! Look for the blue extension under your character's details! If you haven't added your character's profile link yet, make sure to do so by going to your character's account profile and adding the link to your character's application.
  • Open threads are now Tweeted! Woot!
  • The Latest Updates forum's been moved to the front page; it's thus been separated it from site information. Check it out for our monthly newsletter!
Hot Plots
  • Forge Wonder friendships at the Firefly! It's a safe haven for all who've been born different.
  • The vigilante strikes again! Attacking opera singers now! When will this menace be stopped?
  • Oh, but what's this? A new development to the site's overall plot is lurking right around the corner! Read all about the IC prelude in Murder, She Wrote!
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