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 March Newsletter
 Posted: Apr 1 2012, 04:25 PM


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Hello everybody! This is March's Newsletter!

Here are the Stats for last month: We have 19 active players who beautifully give life to 43 active characters!
  • 20 female and 23 male
  • 22 humans and 21 Wonders
  • 1 child, 17 teenagers, 19 in their twenties, 3 in their thirties, 3 in their forties
  • 6 upperclass, 19 middle class, 18 lower class
Board Developments:
  • New plot page link attached to players' OOC accounts. Look for the blue extension under your player account's post details! If you haven't added your plotting page link yet, make sure to do so by going to your OOC account profile and adding the link to your plotting page there.
  • A new documentation page has been added. It's about 1889's America, covering ideals, family values, social values and the like. It offers advice and inspiration sources, so be sure to check it out.
  • Halfmoon Hill was moved into the umbrella IC forum of "Elsewhere in New Venice" because not that many threads could realistically be started there.
  • We've also had a survey going! It's about the features were all know (hopefully) and use on Birthright and how we can improve your Birthright experience using these features. We're still gathering responses and will present an analysed view and give feedback soon enough.
  • You can also Mark All Posts as Read again (as well as delete all site cookies)! That feature has been re-added.
  • Flood control has been lowered to 10 seconds, so hopefully we'll be getting fewer site messages and more posts!
Plot Developments
  • The Good Luck Lady has spoken! Something horrid was predicted to happen in New Venice (Murder, She Wrote)... and it did! In Snow Angels we learn that a boy has been murdered! It looks like the perpetrators did it because of the way he was born! Is no Wonder is safe?
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