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 June Newsletter
 Posted: Jul 5 2012, 06:57 PM


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The Month of June

Birthright's Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to Month's Newsletter!

Birthright welcomes new players Fluff, Remy and the returning Nic!

We're also proud to announce that we have 20 active players who give life to 49 awesome characters.

Site Developments

El Distretto

We've added a forum for all your characters' shopping/restauranting needs! Grab a carriage and take a ride downtown, to El Distretto, where the food is good, the shops are classy and the life is sweet.

Thief Bar

Missing Teef is a shared effort of our Birthright members, lead by the astounding Ker. Got a thieving character? They should hang out there! Read more about the bar and join the fun!

Voice Meme #1

We've had our very first voice meme. Shenanigans have been had and a few interesting bits of trivia were released. We promise we'll do it again sometimes. In the meantime, there's nothing stopping you from participating if you haven't already!

Looking Back

Let's take a glance back at all the fun plots last month brought us:

Beast on the Loose?!

Oh dear! That Baby-faced Frannibal is on the loose! Rosalia Finnigan's got a taste of her wrath! Alexander Cross' men have been notified and Dom Kelly and Helena McLean have been caught in the crossfire. What'll happen next is up to you.

The Iron Ronkers

Lo and behold! The New Venice Police Department has a new division! Make way for the guys in suits. They are armed, they are trained and, yes, they are very dangerous. And, hey! You can make one if you like. Jump in and make your own clockwork/steampunk-enhanced human.

Looking Forward

Next month is going to see a lot of fun happenings!
Here are a few highlights that you can look forward to:


There are now two Wonder hunting groups in town. How will Alex Cross retaliate to his 'turf' being crossed by the police? How will Schumacher stand against the unlawful activities committed against New Venetians? And what of the vigilante called Charger?

The Mysterious Lady

You thought she was lying low? Ohhh, no. Stick around and you'll see some action. The Mysterious Lady's got a thing or two planned.

Monthly Character Theme

The character theme for July is villains! Make a character who is a bad, bad egg and gain 10 Birthright points!

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