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 Jam, Jack, Anella, Ben, Open
Jack O'Malley
 Posted: May 6 2015, 10:35 PM


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Played by: Cobbie

"All I'm saying, is if you cut your hair short enough, you might be able to pass for a younger boy. If you really wanted to. Its not like you're filled out any reay and a chest wrap would hide that......" Jack tucked his hands into his pockets and walked along the street with his best friend, as they discussed matters for an upcoming fight.

Anella ducked behind a stand selling food to look at a shop and Jack sighed,waiting for her.
Benito Giordano
 Posted: May 6 2015, 11:42 PM


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"What happened, Jack, she ditch you already?" Ben smiled as he approached the young man, crossing the street and earning himself an angry curse from a carriage driver as the horses tossed their heads.
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