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Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 10:37 PM
She'd hopped a train on a short loop, just solely based on the fact that the ticket had been the cheapest.

So long as she'd kept moving, it would be harder for Ben to find her... not that she figured he'd bothered to look. And now here it was, nearly midnight, and she was just getting back to the station, making her own plan.

Anella could use some time out of this city for once in her life. She'd pack her things, and then beg Jack to go with her... he'd always wanted to travel. They could be gone by morning.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 10:45 PM
Ben had made it to the station...and then had to wait. Knowing Nell was coming back towards him had helped a little, but not much. He was still resisting the pull, and thanks to Gio's insistence it was a strong one. He found a quiet place and curled up in a ball, waiting for the train to get back to the station.

By the time it returned, and Nell with it, he was something of a mess. His hair matted to his forehead with sweat in spite of the cold, he trembled slightly as he came to his feet and stumbled towards the figure he could see climbing off the train.

"Nell!" He hoped and prayed she wouldn't run, because if she did there was no way he could catch her, not now.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 10:49 PM
Anella winced when she heard her name called, but it was said in a tone that... she didn't like. She turned to him instead and frowned, then found herself moving quickly to him. Maybe he hated her... or maybe she was just easy to take anger out on... but either way, he didn't look good now.

"Benny?" She was next to him in another breath, having to look up just slightly at him as he was taller, the back of her hand on his forehead.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 10:54 PM
"I'm okay." He batted her hand away from his forehead, looking down at her for a moment before pulling her into a tight hug.

"Holly scared the shit out of me." His voice was slightly hoarse as he spoke. It wasn't just his gift that had made the last few hours difficult. After what had happened to Gio, he had been worried about his kid sister.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 10:57 PM
"Yeah well you obviously didn't want me around." she wasn't too sure what to do with the hug, and the fact that she'd called him Benny.... she was just going to ignore that and not admit to it.

"I just went for a train ride Ben. I'm fine." She'd try to get him to let her go.. but she wasn't honestly trying that hard. "You don't look alright."

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:01 PM
He uttered a half laugh, pulling back enough to look down into her eyes. "Look...I was repeating something that someone else said, that pissed me off. Of course I want you around, why wouldn't I?"

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:06 PM
"I don't know. Grace is pissed off at me, You're pissed off at me, Rosie's giving me hell because I wouldn't by the dress she wanted..."

She frowned and wriggled to try and get away from him then. If he was fine, then she could go and pack. Anella frowned at him. "Like you said, I'm a Big girl. I oughta get some stuff taken care of."

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:08 PM
"Look..." He kept his hold on her arm, not letting go yet. "Gracie can't stay mad at anybody for long. Me, I was never pissed off at you in the first place. And Rosie's a spoiled brat. We both know that. So please...just come back with me? Everyone's worried sick."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:13 PM
"Worried sick, Right." Anella rolled her eyes a little and tried to step back again.
"I gotta head back anyway. Say goodbye to Giosue, pack some stuff." She pulled the tie out of her braid, letting her hair down.

"Grace is going to read me the riot act anyway for not just going along with things, may as well get it over with."

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:16 PM
"Nell...are you telling me you wouldn't worry if Gracie disappeared one day, and you didn't know where she was?" He maintained his hold on her arm, but she might notice it wasn't nearly as strong as it should have been.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:20 PM
"No, I'd panic immediately." She frowned at him. "And then when she came home I'd want to know where she'd been, and thats that. When I walk in, first she'll tease me about shutting the damn door."

Anella frowned then. "Then I'll get the riot act for leaving, for not tellng her I was upset over something, for taking something too seriously. For being ornery... for not telling her where I was going... for hiding thigns from her that she doesn't approve of anyway... for a hundred other things she's going to make me feel badly about."

"Lets get going, I want to get this over with."

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:21 PM
Ben just sighed at that. If he couldn't convince Nell to stick around, maybe Gracie could. Nodding, he looped an arm through his sister's, wanting to keep her close and also needing the support a bit. He was a bit worse off than he'd let on when she asked.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:25 PM
The arm looped in hers had Anella growling, but she bit it down. And then she looked at Benito and slowed down. "Why don't I take you to Ida first, look like you could use something."

He looked pretty badly, after he'd told her he was fine... but of course if she'd have been in his shoes she'd be in trouble for it.... someone was cranky tonight.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:27 PM
"I'll be okay. I just need sleep...and I need to be a part of this conversation, Nell. It's important." He smiled faintly down at her, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:30 PM
"Look like you need sleep more than you need conversation." Anella muttered but just kept walking. Not like they were going to listen to her anyway.

But then again, she could probably direct Gracie to Ben's sorry state, and buy herself time to get things settled before she left.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:31 PM
"So...Jack came to see me today." This might make her more mad, but at this point he didn't know what else to say.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:36 PM
"And?" her voice was Very sharp and defensive when she finally said it. Bad choice of conversation, Anella started to walk faster.

Of course he wouldn't like Jack. Her best friend. Of Course Not.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:38 PM
"Woah, Nell..." He protested, stumbling slightly as he tried to keep up. "Slow down okay? And...we just talked. I think he's worried that we take you for granted." He was quiet for a long moment. "And maybe we do."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:41 PM
"Maybe you ought to keep Jack out of it if you want me to slow Down then." She growled to him, but did lessen her pace a little bit, enough that he'd be able to keep up.

Jack had helped her Look for him for years...

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:45 PM
"Yeah, okay." He shook his head, fixing his eyes on the ground. Her own family drove her out of the city, but Jack was sacrosanct and couldn't even be talked about? How was that not supposed to hurt?

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:54 PM
Anella growled as they kept going. "He pick a fight or something? He's still angry about when Mama beat up his Ma and I broke them up." She sighed.

"We couldn't take me to a doctor... so Master O'Malley did, Jack's been up in arms since then."

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:57 PM
"Mama did what?" He stumbled and nearly did fall at that. "That crazy..." He shook his head again. "I'm sorry, Nell. I know I said it before but I'm sorry I wasn't there. I guess it was stupid of me to think she'd just stop doing that stuff when I was gone. Instead she picked on you because I wasn't there."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 5 2014, 11:58 PM
"You were just a kid. Aint your fault. She almost killed you anyway." She knew how serious it'd been NOW.

Anella sighed a little. "And she started on me cause when she started saying how lucky we were to have you gone... I wouldn't take it."

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:00 AM
"Yeah?" He grinned. "You always were as stupid stubborn as me, huh?" It was one thing he definitely had in common with his sister.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:03 AM
"I guess." Anella answered with a shrug and a nod. Obviously they had that in common... and she atleast had it in spades. She slowed down even more as they got closer to their area of Kesky, having to talk herself into just getting it over with.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 6 2014, 10:24 AM
"Nell..." He came to a stop for a moment, turning to look at her. "I said sorry, but...I never said thank you. I was supposed to be the big brother, and when I left you took over for me. You and I both know the others don't understand, not completely..."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 10:43 AM
"Ben... its not like either you or I ever had a choice." Anella looked at him real closely then. He needed to sit down. And he was right... they didnt understand.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 6 2014, 11:19 AM
"Yeah, we did. I coulda stayed and probably let her kill me. You coulda left and then who knows who she'd have picked to be her scapegoat." His words were slurring slightly, as if he was drunk and he blinked, shaking his head a bit as things went all spinny. "I think I need to sit down."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 11:37 AM
"You dying wouldnt have been any good. Never woulda got you back then." Nell put her shoulder up against his chest, letting him lean on her taking most of his weight. "Come on just gotta get up the stairs."

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 6 2014, 11:41 AM
"Oh, is that all?" He asked faintly. It seemed like there were a thousand stairs, and more with every step he took. He hadn't pushed himself like this before, at least not for a very long time, and he badly needed rest to recover.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 11:43 AM
Gracie yanked the door open the moment she heard footsteps on the stairs, breathing out a sigh of relief when she saw her sister and brother there. She frowned, though, seeing that Nell was mostly supporting Ben.

"What happened?" She asked, hurrying down to help get him up the stairs. Nell was strong, but Ben outweighed them both by quite a bit.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 11:53 AM
"Yeah thats all.. then you can lay down." Anella was more worried after him talking about dying. She was strong enough to mostly carry him up the stairs thanks to work... and opened the top door to drag him through. "Shut the door Gracie."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 11:58 AM
Gracie bit her lip, shutting the door behind them and locking it before moving to the couch. "Come on, Rosie, wake up sweetie." She gently helped her little sister to sit up so that Nell could deposit Ben on the couch. She had expected him to be mad, but instead he just...curled up and was out in seconds.

"Nell..." She regarded her sister through confused, tear-reddened eyes.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:12 PM
"He's just tired Gracie... let him sleep a little bit first then we'll get some food in him." She swept a blanket off of her bed to cover Ben with as Rosie moved to worm her way back onto the couch with their eldest brother... squashed or not that was bound to be the warmest spot in the house. Anella sighed. "I've got a couple things I need to take care of. Just leave Ben to sleep a little while."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:24 PM
"Okay." She bit her lip, a nervous habit she'd had since they were small, and hesitated a moment before stepping forward to hug her twin. She didn't say anything for now, she just needed the reassurance that Nell was really here, and all in one piece.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:31 PM
She bit down a growl and instead sighed and awkwardly patted Gracie's shoulder. "He'll be fine Gracie. Just needs sleep." she assumed that her twin was worried about Ben and detangled herself from Gracie.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:34 PM
"Oh I'm not worried about Ben." She waved a hand vaguely at her brother, sniffling a bit. "When you didn't come home, and then Rosie said you'd gone...after what happened to Gio...I was so scared, Nell." She let her twin pull away and used her sleeve to wipe at her eyes, a very un-Gracie-like thing to do for the girl who usually had a handkerchief up her sleeve.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:38 PM
Anella pulled her handkerchief out of her back pocket and handed it to her sister... it was clean she never used them. "I take care of myself Grace." she told her sister as she moved back to the chest at the foot of her bed and look through what little clothing she had.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:41 PM
"That doesn't mean I don't worry about you." She took the bit of cloth, dabbing at her eyes. "What are you doing?"

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:49 PM
"Packing." Anella said with a sigh. "I need to get out of here... atleast for a little while." she sorted out two of her outfits that were worth bothering with

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:53 PM
"Oh." Gracie was quiet for several moments, trying to process that. "Sure. know, maybe send a letter once in a while so I'll know you're not dead." She came to her feet, picking up a folded blanket from the arm of the little couch and covering Rosie and Ben with it, unable to look at her twin for the moment.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 12:59 PM
"Right. Theres enough 9of my work at the shop that Seamus should bring you my pay every week for a while." she sighed then. Nell wasn't one to run from problems... but she'd had a long train ride to think this through. "I'll be back by the time that stops."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 01:13 PM
"I don't care about the money." Gracie snapped, arms folding over her chest. "I have a job now. I can take care of myself, and Rosie. I'm sorry we've been such a burden." She moved around the room, straightening things up, needing something for her hands to be doing even if they were shaking slightly.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 01:18 PM
"There ya are mad at me again. I told Ben ya would be."she sighed, voice quiet as she folded things. "Seventeen years old and never managed to please anyone I actually tried to all my life. Not Mama. Not Ben. and Not you."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 01:31 PM
"Don't you dare compare me to her!" Gracie spun to face her twin, eyes flashing. Behind her on the window sill, a small ivy plant began to stretch and climb up the glass. "What the hell is that supposed to mean, anyway? I've always been proud of you, Nell. Always. You think I don't know what you went through to take care of us, to keep us safe, but I do." Tears spilled down her cheeks but went unnoticed, as did the sound of glass cracking behind her.

"I'm not mad. I'm hurt that you want to leave, and I'm scared that something might happen to you, or to one of us. I thought when Mama died things would get better, but they haven't. Now we're just...breaking apart." She turned away from her sister, sliding down to sit in one of the kitchen chairs, her shoulders shaking with suppressed sobs.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 01:36 PM
With a sigh Nell put her nice pair of gloves ontop of the little pile she'd set out and then stood up. She was used to Gracie's crying whenever she'd done something to anger her too. "Proud and pleased are too different things." she told her twin quietly. "Everything I've done... I had to do but it didnt mean you were happy about it. And I sure was made aware of that." She turned to go examine the broken window. "You don't want me to hide anything from you anymore... or sugar coat it... but you just get angry about it when ya do know."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 01:48 PM
"Well, I sure am glad you're around to tell me what's in my own head, what I think and feel about every little thing." Gracie sniffed, coming to her feet again. "If you want to leave so bad, if it's such horrible torture being here with us, with me being so mean to you all the time, then fine. Maybe it's best." She reached for her coat on its hook by the door, unable to stand staying in this room any longer. Reaching for the door, she paused to look back at her sister.

"You know, you're not the only one. I always knew you thought I was stupid for taking care of Her. Poor Gracie, too dumb to know any better. You never made a secret of that, either."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 01:55 PM
"You know what Grace? the only reason I stayed was for you. Cause you needed me and I needed you and if she was part of it then that was that. It was worth dealing with her if I got to keep you." Anella wasn't crying... Nell didnt cry.. she had no idea why her face was wet. "Good to know I wasn't wanted then either. I never said you were stupid. Just too nice... guess that wore off." she moved back to her trunk to package the whole thing up to go.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:02 PM
"You' don't..." Gracie stammered, trying to find the right words to explain how she felt. "How could I not want you, Nell? You're like...the sun, or the air. Can't you see? The thought of losing you scares me more than anything."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:22 PM
"Which one makes you angrier? The sun or the air? I'd like to know which I get to be then." Anella snapped sarcasticly as she grabbed the leater strap on her trunk and moved to haul the entire thing to the stairs.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:29 PM
"If the sun tried to go away, I'd be angry." Gracie said softly, moving to block the door. "Because the thought scares me so much. Nell, please..." She reached for her twin's hand. "I'm sorry I hurt you. If you have to go, I...I'll let you go, but I don't want you to leave thinking you aren't wanted here."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:35 PM
"I've always been needed Gracie... never been wanted." she scoffed. "I mean hell why would ya want me? Rosie ran in the dress shop yesterday and I looked for her for an hour.... looked for Ben for 6 years and couldnt find him... and aint doin anything good for you. I aint needed either anymore and thats clear." she tugged her trunk a little closer, banging it against a wall.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:39 PM
"Don' be stupid." A voice mumbled from the couch, all the yelling having woken Ben up. He sat up slightly, rubbing at his eyes. "Of course you're wanted. Why d'you think Jack was all mad at me? Said we were hoggin' you or somethin'. Jealous, I guess."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:40 PM
"I always wanted you, Nell. Always." Gracie sighed, plopping herself down on top of the trunk to prevent Nell from moving it further. "I know I got mad, and I don't usually do that, but it wasn't your fault. Or not just you. And it doesn't change that you're my sister and I want you around."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:50 PM
Anella ducked her head at having woken Ben... he really needed the rest. "Jack.... Jack and I get along better..." better than she got along with her actual siblings. "he gets protective." she set her jaw as she watched Gracie sit on the trunk.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:53 PM
"I know." Ben rubbed his eyes again. "But how d'you figure nobody wants you, when you got two families fightin' over you?" He settled back onto the couch, too exhausted to get up and join the fight. Besides, it looked like Gracie was holding her own, which was actually kind of funny.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 02:55 PM
"Please don't go." Gracie's voice had regained its usual calm. "If you need time alone, we can make sure that happens. But I don't think it's safe for any of us to be on our own right now. If something happened to you I would never forgive myself."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 03:04 PM
"The OMalleys always wanted me... cause lord knows they don't need me." Anella grumped a little bit and sighed, crossing her arms. Rosie snuggled Ben and Nell found herself a little... jealous.

Posted by: Benito Giordano Oct 6 2014, 03:36 PM
"This family always wanted you too." Ben put an arm around Rosie without thinking about it. "Don't do this just 'cause I was stupid."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 03:38 PM
"It's late." Gracie piped in. "At least...sleep on it? Wait until Gio gets home and we can all talk about things in the morning."

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 03:46 PM
Anella sighed and stopped looking at Rosie. "I'll go to the shop then." she knew she wouldnt get any sleep tonight anyway.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 03:56 PM
Gracie glanced at her brother, who appeared to have fallen asleep again, before coming to her feet. "Promise?" She asked, locking eyes with her twin. They might fight, but she knew Nell wouldn't lie to her, not about something like this.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 04:00 PM
Anella sighed and then whispered "what do you want from me Grace? not like I'll leave without my clothes..." and she was sitting on them

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 04:02 PM
"I want you to be happy." It was the honest truth, and she reached out to hug her sister before stepping out of her way.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 04:04 PM
Nell bit down every harsh comment she wanted to spout and let Gracie hug her before atleast attempting to shove the trunk into a corner so that it wasnt tripped on.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 04:12 PM
Gracie leaned down to help with the trunk, not saying anything more. She could tell that Nell was still upset with her, but anything she said seemed to make it worse, so for now she just stayed quiet.

Posted by: Giosuè Giordano Oct 6 2014, 04:35 PM
Gio winced softly, moving to pull the bottom door shut, his hands hurt... and to make matters worse, he was tired, having ran all over the place... the O'Malley's hadn't see his sister... he was quickly feeling exhausted... it was almost as if that witch of a woman had kept them all together in her cruel stint in life. Now that she was gone... everything was falling apart and he couldn't place it. His body ached from the fight with the bricklayer, and the emotional gamut he endured after the boy was murdered right in front of his eyes... It was a lot to endure in a short time.

Banging into the door at the top of the stairs, he cursed, then shifted to open the door, closing that one behind him as well. Blinking at the sight that greeted him... a relieved sigh escaped him as he took note of Anella... then he turned to look at the window...

"I'll fix it," he said simply, glancing toward Anella... that unspoken 'are you alright?' thing. "Hey, Ben... sorry..." he mused after a bit, pausing, he was asleep, causing him to sigh, "Yeah, I'll fix it," he mused, moving toward the window, he didn't ask how it broke... he could feel the tension in the room. Though he'd hug both of the twins if they looked like they were going to have a break down with him there now...

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 04:44 PM
"Hey Gio." Anella bumped his shoulder as they moved the trunk. "I'm going to work..." this time of night he'd know she was upset... and looking for comfor where she always got it from.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 05:02 PM
"Be careful." Gracie said quietly to her twin before moving over to the small kitchen area. "You hungry, Gio?"

Posted by: Giosuè Giordano Oct 6 2014, 05:02 PM
Josh reached out to touch her arm, nodding lightly. He saw eye to eye with Anella the most.. the world in general was screwy, and he got that... They were, each of them, however, flawed and vulnerable as individuals, but he felt the two of them could take on anything.

"Want me to go with you?" he asked after a moment, "I mean, I'll need to go and get some material to fix the window," he offered. "And I can grab something to eat when we get back," he added for Gracie's benefit.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 05:06 PM
"Nah.... gonna try and talk to Jack... maybe... maybe take a trip or something." Anella admitted that to Giosue with a half a shrug, looking for her hat. It'd gotten bad...

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 05:10 PM
Gracie didn't say anything at that, she just did what she always did when she was upset...which was put the kettle on for tea.

Posted by: Giosuè Giordano Oct 6 2014, 05:18 PM
Josh took a step back for a moment... Take a trip? His mind raced at that idea... she wouldn't leave them, would she? He nodded lightly.

"Alright... you... know where to find me," he offered, he wasn't going to stop her, she was her own person... but things had gone south so fast... his eyes screamed for her not to go, but... she was strong, hardheaded, and smart... a dangerous combination... she'd do what she had to, and he wanted her to do what she wanted, he wanted them all to be able to... he'd split his money between home repair and food now, they'd manage... They'd also miss her a great deal... And he'd have told her such, had they been alone, which they didn't have the luxury of being at the moment.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 05:30 PM
"If I go then Seamus will bring my pay by everyweek alright? Don't let Rosie con him into anymore gifts. He's bought her more than enough." she told Josh... quicly having gone from moving out permanantly to IF she left at all.

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 6 2014, 05:33 PM
The distinction wasn't lost on Gracie, who glanced up at her twin with a small smile. She knew things had been said tonight that wouldn't be forgotten, but maybe that was best anyway.

Posted by: Giosuè Giordano Oct 6 2014, 06:06 PM
Gio actually smirked a bit at that, shaking his head lightly.

"You know we'd never accept it, keep it, save it for lunch sometime... which we all should do, away from the house, just for a day..." he offered, moving to brush back the glass from the windowsill, a shard sliced into the pad of one finger, but didn't seem to draw blood... his fingertips were thick from use... almost leathery, calloused... he'd be fine. He paused as he found a leaf in the mess... then another... he didn't say anything as he cleaned up.

Posted by: Anella Giordano Oct 6 2014, 11:56 PM
"It'll be more money than just for lunch." Anella rolled her eyes a little bit and turned to Gracie. "Theres a box under my bed, tucked in the frame, with money for bills for three months. Just so you know." Might as well get a few things settled anyway.

She looked to Ben and frowned then, moving to tuck him and Rosie in better, getting the pillow from her bed for his head. "I'll drop by and leave Ida a note that He's spending the night."

Posted by: Graciela Giordano Oct 7 2014, 12:01 AM
"Thank you. She must be worried but...I wasn't sure what to tell her." Gracie poured herself a cup of tea, looking over at her brother. "Gio, that can wait until morning if you can find something to block it with and help keep the cold air out. No reason for you to be up all night fixing it." She couldn't help flushing a bit, embarrassed that she'd lost her temper.

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