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 An Empty Face And Empty Bones
Thomas Bullock
 Posted: Jan 2 2013, 02:49 PM


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Played by: Jeffrey

The man was a senator.

Zachariah Strickland was his name. He was young, in his thirties, but he was popular. Charismatic. When he spoke, people listened. His stance on Wonders was well-known. They needed to be registered and regulated by the government. Watched. Controlled. They were a danger to everyone, and, if they weren't reined in, then that danger would present itself in a way that no one would want to see.

He was fighting to make all of this happen. Well, perhaps 'fighting' was the wrong word. He didn't exactly face much opposition.

On this particular night, Senator Strickland was walking home to his estate, with his aide right beside him, on a street that had never really been dangerous before. But this night was different. The Upperclass neighborhood had never really been a center for violence -- the Ronkers did a good job keeping it safe.

Not good enough.

Strickland, not a paranoid sort, took no notice of the footsteps behind him. His aide, Fredrick, glanced behind them, taking note of the fact that the man did not seem to be following them, but, veiled in shadows and walking with a limp, had an undeniably unsettling element about him.

Doing his best to ignore the man, Fredrick looked back to the senator to listen to what the man was saying.

Caught up in what Strickland was saying, Fredrick didn't realize that the footsteps had picked up until there was a gloved hand over his mouth and a knife at his throat.

Thomas, pressing the knife into the young man's throat just enough to draw blood, kept his eyes on the senator. "Senator Strickland," he said, ignoring Fredrick's struggling.

"What do you want?" Strickland was clearly doing his best not to panic. He was doing a fair job of it, too.


Strickland's eyes widened. "Who are you?"

"Makes no difference to you, I assure you." The knife slid into and across Fredrick's throat, opening it as the man crumpled from Tom's hands. He stepped toward Strickland, who scrambled backward and tried to run. Thomas caught him by the collar before he could get away. He pulled the man close to him, and wrapped his arm around his neck, squeezing slightly. "Tell me, Senator. Do you fear death?"

Strickland tried to say something, and Tom eased up to let him. "No."

Tom tightened his arm again. Whispering in the man's ear, Tom said, "Good. Just know that your death is necessary." With that, the knife was shoved into Strickland's back, then twisted. When Tom let go, he pushed the man forward. He was still alive. So Tom knelt down and finished the job, making sure there was plenty of blood.

When he left, there was a message in blood on the cobblestones:


OOC: If you have rich folk (or anyone else who might be around the Estates), feel free to post a reaction in this thread, but only one post per character please. For the rest of you, I'm sure the Mayor will have something to say about this...
Damian Wraith
 Posted: Jan 2 2013, 04:08 PM


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Kesky wouldn't do for his purposes. It was nice, secluded, sure... but he needed to establish a better central base of operations. He wasn't exactly on the poor side, quite the opposite, with his vast wealth from multiple patents and inventions that were far more mundane than he cared, he could pass as a noble, he supposed. He watched the workers on the estate he had purchased, working on getting the pillars up on the porch. He'd let them handle things. He needed a walk anyway.

"Ah trust you gentlemen have this?" he asked their boss, he nodded.

"We sure do, Mister DeWinter," he promised. DeWinter... the name Damian currently was using. Wraith was more a... shadowy name he used, neither were his real one. Damian merely nodded, heading down the street, his hands in the pockets of the long coat he wore. It was warm, and helped ward off the chill of mid-day, one of the downfalls of being so far up north was this damnable cold. He missed the south...

His revelry was broken when he took note of the bodies in front of him, eyes going wide. He hadn't killed anything in here... he moved to check on them, frowning when he saw the face. Senator Strickland? The man had a good idea, register all these supposed Wonders... that'd make it easier to kill them. His eyes moving toward the bloody note painted onto the ground, his face wrinkled lightly in disgust. Not so much at the blood, but the message. Though there was a bit of amusement hidden away for the moment... It asks for Wonder rights... but it may have helped damn them. Perhaps it was time he enterred into politics himself. His gaze moving up to see if anyone else had gathered around. Not many really, just a few passer by who didn't seem to notice the mess... he'd need to draw attention to it of course.

"Hey! Get some help!" he called, getting eyes to look his way, to get that murmur going... in moments they'd be off running to get the authorities on it, and attract a larger crowd he hoped.... He smiled lightly to himself, looking down at Strickland. "A real shame, Senator... but look at the bright side... your dream'll come true now, good job..." Damian said.
Kailin Seil
 Posted: Jan 6 2013, 12:18 PM


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A friend of her fathers...the same gentleman that had helped Kailin move to New Venice, lived in this area.and had invited her to this little get together. Rather forcefully invited. he'd even offered to send someone to fetch the girl. which meant she couldnt politely decline. insted she walked headfirst into the latest gossip. a murder right out front...well that explained all the people shed avoided by taking the garden gate.
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