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 Introducing: The Iron Ronkers
 Posted: Jun 24 2012, 09:22 PM


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Introducing: The Iron Ronkers

Ah, but what are these iron-clad fellows all about?

The Iron Ronkers are individuals trained privately by the government for the purpose of confronting Wonder threats. Each iron ronker is outfitted with an iron suit with various features intended to give the talented and experienced men within those suits the added capabilities they might require to adequately deal with a variety of super-human powers. Of course running about in an iron suit has its drawbacks, just as the remarkable Wonder abilities always do. . .

Still, they're a formidable enough foe to warrant caution and some careful considerations of their limitations.

Click here to read more about the suits of the Iron Ronkers and click here to read about the introduction of the Iron Ronkers to a tense face-off between a motley bunch of Wonders and the minions of Alexander Cross.
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