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 Animal Attack
Newton's Law
 Posted: Nov 7 2011, 10:28 AM


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There were many papers describing the incident the following day, newsies spreading them like wildfire. Shocked New Venetians were happy to pay for second copies, just to bring them home to their families and warn their kin.

QUOTE (Excerpt from The New Venice Herald)

Increasing reports of animal attacks have been reported all around Kesky. Concerned citizens have now forbid their children to cross the doorstep after dark. Terror spreads across the streets as yet another victim was found, yesterday morning, dead in the street. John Doe (for his face could not be recognised after the terrible act) appears to be in his late teens or early twenties. The Mayor's office is willing to offer a decent burial for the victim's family, should they identify the deceased.

Mayor Leto declared, "Of course we are extremely concerned. I have personally spoken to Captain Schumacher and he has agreed to triple the night guard as a result. We have our citizens' best wishes at heart. We have also consulted experts to determine what kind of threat we are dealing with. Expect a city-wide purge within the fortnight."

Of course, some are less eager to rest assured. Samantha Miller exclusively exposed the attacker as more of a scene from a child's nightmare than a pack of raging dogs. "I was just putting my little Benny to sleep when I heard a growl. I did not dear to look too closely, but upon lifting the curtains from his upstairs bedroom, I could clearly see a beast. It could not have been smaller than six feet, with a great dark mane and claws. I blinked and it was gone!" declared a very shaken Mrs. Miller who also confessed to keeping her children at home the next day, fearing their safety.

Whether it is an abnormal manifestation or a pack of rabid animals, one thing is certain: the streets of New Venice are not safe. The authorities have our full support in eliminating this gruesome threat and our hearts go to the families of the victims.

Marco Thomson

As promised, nightly patrols increased, with police instructed to use all means necessary to eliminate the threat.
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