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 Alvin Bingham Application (WIP)
Alvin Bingham
 Posted: Oct 15 2014, 02:30 PM


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Full App
Played by: Yolandi

Player Name: Yolandi
Age: 20
Where did you find Birthright? I believe I found it advertised from one of your affiliate boards.

Full Name: Alvin Jay Bingham
Age: 12
Occupation: Factory worker, Street Performer
Human/Wonder: Human

Appearance: Short and thin, not unlike the other lads his age and caste. Alvin's hair is a messy, brown mop, which he rarely wears un-hatted. As a result, when it is off his head, he does little more to attend to it than run it back a few times with his hands, or a bit of grease from the factory. His face appears rather boyish and innocent -- Large green eyes, bucked front teeth, all of which he uses to his benefit in gaining both the trust and the pity of others.
Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown


Body: Thin, wiry

Posture: Upright, rarely sitting. Tends to have a very relaxed posture when there's nothing to do, which seems to straighten out or even tense up when he has an idea racing through his mind or a task that needs to be done.

Wardrobe: Ratty, for the most part. He doesn't have many sets of clothes at all, and tends to patch his own trousers with his pieces from his coat, or socks. Occasionally the local orphanages or charities will throw some new clothing his direction, and usually that means he'll shift over to the next set of hand-me-downs and wear those to the thread. Fashion definitely isn't a concern for him.

PlayBy: Freddie Highmore

How do people react to or perceive your character or their actions?
People see a streetrat, at any given time. Just another homeless child in a world of homeless children, finding his way. His employers see him as a cog in a machine, the other children occasionally see him a peer but tend to be either very self concerned or very concerned with their families; the reason for their employ.

The only exception to his general invisibility is during his streetshows, where the people see him as a curiosity at the least, and a Wonder at the most. He soaks that attention up like a sponge.

What does your character think about him/herself?
When entering a room, Alvin has always felt that he was intellectually a cut above the rest, and humility isn't a part of his nature. He stands certain that he is as much visionary as he is cruelly under-appreciated. He believes that he has a lot to show the world and that the world, itself, is ripe for the picking. He is bothered, a lot of the time, by the class that he has been born into and by his own circumstances, particularly how limiting they are. Sometimes his own meager means versus the slaving he does to gain them simply become too frustrating to handle. He is, however, absolutely sure that one of these days, he will make it big, he will claw his way out of the dirt and by whatever means possible.

Three words to describe him?
Ambitious, Handy, Overconfident


Alvin spent the majority of his young life as an orphan, relinquished by parents who -- As he was told, couldn't afford to care for him. From as far back as he could remember, he always believed that he was special, even if everything about the society here and his own circumstances said otherwise. It did tend to ward away a lot of friendships in the children around him, his own age more than any other, and while he never seemed to outwardly care and -in fact- expressed that he didn't, it did represent a source of constant confusion and frustration that nobody else seemed receptive to his ideas or his very loud personality. For a while, in fact, he did little more than sleep, eat and practice reading on the books they had there, fancy the idea of writing one of his own when he became older. One of the many 'ways up' that he liked to toy with internally in his quieter moments.

When he turned 10, he decided that it was the right time to start working, and managed to get his beginnings doing labor at an airship parts manufacturer. While he wasn't expecting easy, the conditions for boys in his position were quite harsh and he'd even known workers that had lost fingers, hands on the job. And on top of that, the penalty for making a few mistakes on the line was usually unemployment. Alvin went into this job assuming that his natural genius would of course help him quickly ascend the ranks, achieve any goal he set in front of him. However, after his first day, he got to have some taste of what the real world was like, and how that 'great intellect' he thought he had really fizzled out when it came to practice. People didn't care about ideas, and concepts he'd thought were groundbreaking had, as it turned out, either failed in practice before or were simply worthless to people who had any real experience in the industry. He learned to shut his mouth about such things on the floor very early on.

On top of that, he wasn't as proficient as he'd thought in the actual physicality of the job... Assembling the pieces into the right hooks or slots in time for the next, moving down a belt. The kids around him all knew how to handle it, their hands cut or callused in demonstration of their experience, which only startled him even more. These other employees were piecing /circles/ around him.

But two years later, he had it down to a science, much as they did. He wasn't happy with his job, nobody really was, but it was steady work. He wasn't quite old enough to move up to the work of hauling large gear, which was altogether more lucrative. It was the only dream he had in mind right now, like many of the others, f
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